Founded in 2006, Tintra is a real estate investment company like no other. We have a driven passion for connecting emerging markets to the major investment hubs of the world through a range of sectors, but with a core focus on real estate.

At Tintra, our sole mission is to provide incredible real estate investment opportunities. With a focus on emerging market clients who otherwise may not have access to such opportunities whilst at all times ensuring that each investment is structured with a tangible & achievable exit in mind.

We are passionate about providing quality, honest, reliable advice and investment opportunities that aren’t just corporate posturing but truly remarkable deals that make our clients money and keep them coming back for more.


A core focus of our business at Tintra is providing our family and private wealth office clients with a discreet, best-in-class advisory services across the full spectrum of real estate verticals.

Our niche is creating innovative real estate investment solutions for our clients in development and redevelopment projects and providing access to quality yielding assets. Whether these are projects we have sourced, conceptualized and configured for presentation to our investors, or one brought to us by a client, we offer complete end-to-end development services from the early stage concept through to exit and beyond.


Whether you are first time investor looking to buy your first international property or a large family office seeking a yielding hotel asset, Tintra provides you with a dedicated, best-in-class, no hassle advisory to the best real estate destinations on earth, from London to Hong Kong, Dubai to New York our client focused services provides you with a full spectrum real estate solution.

Avoiding the more abstract investment classes preferred by many of our competitors, we provide deals that are structured in a safe, secure and familiar way, focusing on providing a defined exit strategy from before your capital is deployed.

This way you can see the value in our deals before you begin and can invest safe in the knowledge that liquidation and returns are a certainty and not just a possibility.


Evolving organically out of our core business, which is property for investment, we have developed a proprietary structure that provides unique access to secondary market properties for sale or rent in the cities in which we operate, namely in London, Dubai, New York and Hong Kong.

Our unique system connects our clients with real time data from a range of partners around the world. So wherever you are in the world, from Abuja to Shanghai, Mumbai to Kazan you have the same real time access for properties as those living in our, and your, target cities.


Our architectural team have designed homes and buildings throughout the world, the portfolio of which is a master class in sophisticated and elegant design theory and application.

Gary Fell, the principal architect of both Tintra Design and GFAB Architects, is a multi award winning architect whose career has taken him from being shortlisted for the Cardiff Opera House in Wales through to being project architect for The Four Seasons Sayan Hotel in Bali, Indonesia, to multi-million dollar private homes in Thailand and beyond.


We provide a full range of cross border offshore corporate services, focused around the real estate sector, but not limited to that space. If you are looking to incorporate for tax planning, a new venture or just seeking advice on the best solution for your own affairs, then Tintra offers a solution.

Choosing an offshore jurisdiction for your investments can be tricky and due to the sheer number of corporate structures that we create, we have an exceptionally efficient and cost effective platform that allows us to fully understand the criteria of a business and provide a jurisdictionally compliant solution at discounted rates.

Our agents are conversant in all of the World’s offshore jurisdictions and we have further outsourced relationships in those areas where we don’t offer in-house advice for company formation.



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