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This solution, otherwise known as Tintra Two is best suited to those looking to invest between US$500,000 & US$5m in single or multiple units in Prime Central London.

Tintra Two is a specially designed investment product that allows you to take advantage of off-market and below market single unit property investments, primarily in Prime Central London.

Using our Isle of Man (UK) domiciled structure Tintra Two provides you with a platform to participate in our projects as an individual investor

By selecting Tintra Two for your investment you will be given the opportunity to purchase an individual unit (or multiples thereof in some cases) with a guaranteed 50% return on your investment.

Often, investing internationally is fraught with risk and uncertainty. At Tintra we take that away from you. Any property we offer you has been through our rigorous due diligence and in many cases we will have been involved in the project through one of our anchor investors from it’s conception.

From there, we do ALL of the work for you. From the legal process through to transferring the profit back to you at exit. We manage the property for you through its lifetime, ensuring high tenancy rates, maintenance and maybe most importantly, we perform ongoing market analysis to ensure exit at the best, and most profitable, time.

Simply browse through the various options below and when you find an investment opportunity that suits you then simply contact us using any of the contact methods available on the site and one of our dedicated investment team will come back to you immediately.

At a Glance

  • Tax efficient structures to mitigate IHT & CGT.
  • Off market sourcing of incredible assets.
  • Redevelopment and refurbishment projects.
  • Yielding assets.
  • Pre-defined exit strategy.
  • Ideal for parents with children studying in London.