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For those looking to invest in medium and large size development schemes or sourcing of yielding assets in Prime Central London, Tintra One provides a one-stop solution.

Unlike dealing with a fund or asset manager, Tintra has in-house expertise that covers all aspects of acquisition or development process.

On the development side, our niche is creating innovative, return-driven real estate investments in Prime Central London with pre determined exit strategies. Whether ones we have sourced, conceptualized and structured for presentation, or those brought to us by a client, we offer a complete end-to-end development service from the earliest stages through to exit and beyond.

Our team can assist with every facet of development, from our in-house, award winning designers and architects, through close relationship project management professionals who will oversee tenders, engineering, appointment and management of contractors, and monitor execution to ensure completion, on time, on budget and with strict adherence to the vision of our design team. We always say, we do the work so you don’t have to – and we mean it.

In many ways under the Tintra One model, we act in an Owner’s representative capacity; we become a single point of contact between, you, the investor or asset owner and all other disciplines. We either undertake works in-house or through our very close partner network to ensure that we fulfill our philosophy of always saving a project more than our fees.

We achieve all of this through our proprietary model based in the Isle of Man, United Kingdom, that has the mutual benefit of being domiciled in, and regulated by, the UK Government whilst at the same time being a tax efficient vehicle that allows us, in almost all cases, to mitigate Capital Gains (CGT) and Inheritance Tax (IHT) on the deals we undertake.

To complement our development opportunities we also offer a discreet asset sourcing service for our clients seeking to acquire large yielding assets in London and the surrounds, whether these be hotels, commercial buildings or residential blocks. Our access and ability to source quality, genuinely off-market assets is unrivalled.

Below is a limited selection of the opportunities we currently have to offer. Please take a look and when you find an investment opportunity that suits you then simply contact us using any of the contact methods available on the site and one of our dedicated investment team will come back to you immediately.

Please do not hesitate to chat with us in the below left corner if you don’t see what you are looking for here.

At a Glance

  • Unique Isle of Man ownership structure to ensure discrete purchasing ability.
  • In-house development team with proven track record.
  • Unique relationship with major Prime London estate owners.
  • Proprietary structuring of deals.
  • Yielding set sourcing service.
  • Family and multi-family office focused.
  • Pre-defined exit strategy for all projects.
  • Opportunity to work towards citizenship or residency.
Faraday House W1


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Description: Developed and Sold

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Audley House W1


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Structure:Isle of Man
Description: Situated close to Oxford Street and Grosvenor Square. The apartment has a large reception room and four large bedrooms.

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5* Landmark Hotel


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Type:Yielding Long Term Asset
Range:On Application
Structure:Tintra Proprietary Model
Description: SOLD

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